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Apprenticeships are changing

An apprenticeship is a work based training programme that combines on-the-job training with a nationally recognised qualification, and offers a direct route into the accounting and finance profession.

Fast track your career and earn as you learn

For example, you could become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant by the time you are 22 with four years of work experience, a great salary and no debt!

At First Intuition we aim to help you achieve your full potential by supporting you throuh every step of your journey!

Create your CV and a covering letter

Don't know where to start? Contact us and we will send you a proforma CV and covering letter. More help is available on our recruitment days!

Do your homework!

Information is key, so start researching organisations you are interested in, local newspapers and accountacy magazines.  Here are a few useful websites to get you going and highlight vacancies that might appeal to you:

Almost all organisations have a finance department so use your network of family and friends to see if they have any vacancies.

Vacancies with our key clients can also be found here.

Alongside work experience, you will also be studying for a recognised accountacy qualification.  More information on the various qualifications can be found below.




There are two different areas you can work in as an accountant - industry or practice.

INDUSTRY means you will woks for a company's internal finance department so applies to a very wide range of different organisations, for example: Tescos, Santander, Councils/hospitals, Vodafone, Intel, Nationwide.

PRACTICE means you work for an accountancy firm.  This can involve auditing external acounts, tax or preparing the accounts for small businesses,  In these firms usually over 90% of employees are accountants, for example PwC, EY, James Cowper.
AAT is a great qualification for anyone who has anything to do with finance.

The qualification is spread over three levels to suit the experience of any student.
As a stand alone qualification or as a basis for progression to chartered accountancy, AAT is a great way to start your accountancy journey.

CIMA is a popular qualification for accountants who work in finance departments in industry. It combines financial expertise with business acumen to give you the skills needed to work in today's fast changing and complex business world.
This qualification is normally associated with those working in practice.  It equips members with the knowledge and guidance to meet the highest ethical standards as well as being a highly respected and robust technical qualification.


If you'd like more information on the various qualifications of to discuss which might be best suited to you please contact us to arrange a chat.
This popular and well recognised qualification offers a broad syllabus and the core finance and management skills to work in both industry and practice.

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